Episode 30: Eating Disorders, Part 1 of 3

We're taking on a big one with this episode: eating disorders and addiction. I didn't think I had much to say about it (bizarre, as food and body issues owned at least 15 years of my life) and Holly just wasn't psyched to dig it all up as it's big, goes back far and is also still fresh and more recent.

We talk about what disordered eating looked like for both of us, when it started, how it evolved, how it is linked with addiction. 

We're making this a 3-part series because it's the topic Holly gets asked about most and because it's something nearly every woman faces to some degree. In the next two episodes, we're bringing on a Harvard Medical School doctor, Jennifer Thomas, who specializes in eating disorder research and then Gina Lorenzo, a Holistic Nutrition Coach who focuses on eating disorders, body dysmorphia and anxiety issues (and is also my coach and she is MAGIC).

Although this was tough, I'm glad we're bringing it forth. To me, this is the biggest possible waste of our beautiful energy as girls and women -- to obsess over and rail against our bodies. It took a lot of my years. I worry it will take some of my daughter's.



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