Episode 51: Money Sobriety with Meadow DeVor

This could be called the breakthrough episode. It's not the topic of sex, or heartache, or blackouts, or shame that Holly and I have been most afraid to talk about, but MONEY. In this episode, Meadow DeVor joins us to break it down. Having recovered from her own financial bottom of being over half a million dollars in debt (while coaching people about money!), she talks about her own story and the truly mind-blowing topic of Money Sobriety, her personal recovery, and she then coaches us ever-so-gently through our own resistance and limiting beliefs about money that are only, oh, a lifetime old.

Meadow is the author of Money Love, a master life coach and the founder of Yoga Church. She speaks, writes and coaches extensively on the topics of money, trauma, yoga and healing.

More about her, her book Money Love, and Yoga Church can be found on www.MeadowDeVor.com.



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