What's this?

A few years ago, I started answering questions from my readers publicly on my blog (scroll down to read them). It quickly grew to be my most favorite type of blog post and, apparently, yours too. So I made it A Thing. 

You can *technically* ask me about anything. Common questions are about: marriage and divorce, making a big job leap, motherhood, addiction and sobriety, sober dating, and if my daughter's eyes are really that blue (yes). But anything is game. 

Although I cannot respond to every letter, I do read every single one. I will always let you know if I plan to respond publicly.

Send me your question.

Your name will never be used publicly.
This is how I'll address you in the letter. E.g. "Dear Leaving Las Vegas." If you don't choose one, I'll either make one up or use the good old fashioned "Anonymous."
Write your letter here. I will never edit your letter without first asking (and I rarely do that anyway). So take your time and ask a definitive question!

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