Operation HOME Pod: T-Shirts for The Awkward & Introverted

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

HOME podcast was born because a big conversation needed to happen. Many of them, actually. We needed to talk about dating, love, motherhood, sex, work, creativity, purpose, perfectionism, body image, friendship, mental illness, miracles, spirituality, life—all through the lens of this thing that brought us together in the first place: addiction. We wanted to have the conversation we needed and searched for on our own paths, but couldn't find.

And so we created it…and invited the internet to listen.

Now, 8 months, 33 episodes, 2,227 minutes and 56 ice cream cones later, HOME has become a home. We’ve interviewed some amazing authors, teachers and thinkers and have a bunch more lined up; we’ve got a whole list of topics we want to jam on and a bunch that we couldn’t predict even if we tried (see: vaginal steaming). But the coolest part—the very, very best part of all—is that so many of you have told us these conversations are what you needed, too. You’ve told us you feel less afraid, more connected, less ashamed, more empowered about your own stories after listening.

So, we’re going to keep going.

And to that end, we’re looking to raise some money to upgrade our equipment. We’re going for less Dorm Room, more NPR (or at least an NPRish Dorm Room).

The T-Shirts Serve Two Missions

  1. Upgrading the podcast equipment. All proceeds will be used toward the purchase of better podcasting equipment: microphones, pre-amps, other stuff we can’t pronounce, and the time for someone above our pay grade to set it all up.
  2. Owning our story. Wear your awkward, teetotaler, Sober Village badassery on your sleeve (or your chest). Each of these T-shirts has a slightly different story, explained below, but all of them are about owning the f*ck out of exactly who you are.

Teetotaler ($26.99)

Backstory: Listen to the Labels episode to get more of the background here, but basically we just kind of love the word because it's ridiculous. Maybe vintage? Say it, and tell us you don’t feel a little...something.


Backstory: do you need one?

Awkard 'Til I Die ($26.99)

Backstory: This line was dropped in a recent episode and we're keeping it forever.