To Love Again

What if you tore down
all those old ideas
about who you are
and what it means to be you.

About them,
what they've done,
and how the world has bruised your heart.

What if you said, no more.
No more leaving,
the sacred, ancient, you.

No more denying
what's torn, and worn, and used up,
from fighting all those useless wars.

What if, instead of suiting up
you stripped down
unclenched your fists
and turned your open palms to the sky.

There is so much to lose!
The voices cry

too much danger being unprotected
and soft
and open.

A voice inside you answers
it's been silent, quietly, patiently
all your life.

These scales and shields and ideas you've collected
have done their job
but it is growing cold,
and dark,
and far too lonely in here.

And time
is running thin.

Dear one,
the only danger
is wearing all these ideas
disguised as wings.

The only danger
is staying as you are.

Give it all to me
and walk away
all it takes is the first step,
and then the next,
and before you know it
I will have carried you all the way home.

Breath by breath
you can accept
the invitation
to love again.