Last week I gave notice at my job. This May would have marked three years there—my title is Vice President, Marketing. Which means nothing except perhaps that I’ve put a lot of energy into work for fifteen years, the entirety of my “career.” 

On Being Brave

As afraid as you might be and as big as the fallout may seem, the universe works in amazing ways. There may be a lot of truth to your fears, but honestly ask yourself the worst possible scenario. If that were to actually happen, what would you do? I used to imagine crazy, horrible, awful things. And none of them happened. But other painful things did.

You just don’t know.

I can say that the (quite substantial) pain I feel now is nothing compared to the pain I was in before, when I was constantly carrying around the fact that I was in a relationship that felt wrong in my center. Today’s pain is honest pain. It’s comes from the loss of something I value vs. the despondency of trying to make a life work that wasn’t right.

Before, my insides were completely twisted. Today, I can draw from a well of peace deep within my belly.

Anyway, all this to say that I feel you. It’s so hard to be in the in between. But you’ll figure it out, either way. Just be brave.