Social Media Sobriety and Doing The Deeper Work

Social Media Sobriety and Doing The Deeper Work

I don’t like what’s happening with women online right now, particularly in recovery, spiritual, and so-called feminist circles. It appears there is a growing contingent of people who I would assert even six months ago had no awareness of the word privilege, and now feel compelled to call out other women on theirs at every turn.

And When You Want Something

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." I taught my first yoga class in over a year tonight and, oh, it was nice to come home. I also had another offer to teach at a new studio near my home. I want for more stillness, more of the heart work, the hard work that feels purposeful, even if only to me.

I was hit with a knowing this week that when I leave this job, I will be leaving this industry for something much different. I do not know when, but I know that I will. This knowing has brought an incredible peace.