The Bigness of The World is Redemption

The bigness of the world is redemption. This is one of my sacred spots in Marblehead, at the very tip of the land, where much of the horizon is just sea that extends seemingly into forever.

There is almost always a delicious wind that whips around up here and it feels sacred, like it has the power to whisk all the parts of me I don’t need anymore out into the bay and to fill me up with the life-giving breath we all need. Like a meditation with the sky and sea, all breathing the same rhythm.

Rebecca Solnit wrote, “just to know that the ocean went on for many thousands of miles was to know there was an outer border to my own story, and even to human stories, and that something else picked up beyond. It was the familiar edge of the unknown, forever licking at the shore.”

(at Fort Sewall)