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We Are The Luckiest

The story of one mother's path through addiction and the surprising magic that followed in sobriety.

Bestseller on Amazon, Apple Books, Publisher's Weekly, and USA TODAY

What could possibly be “lucky” about addiction? Absolutely nothing, thought Laura McKowen when drinking brought her to her knees. As she puts it, she “kicked and screamed . . . wishing for something — anything — else” to be her issue. The people who got to drink normally, she thought, were so damn lucky.

"Fearless, eloquent, powerful."
Dani Shapiro
New York Times bestselling author of Inheritance.
“A masterpiece. The truest, most generous, honest, and helpful sobriety memoir I’ve read. It’s going to save lives.”
Glennon Doyle
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Untamed and Love Warrior.


In the midst of early sobriety, when no longer able to anesthetize her pain and anxiety, she realized that she was actually the lucky one. Lucky to feel her feelings, live honestly, really be with her daughter, change her legacy. She recognized that “those of us who answer the invitation to wake up, whatever our invitation, are really the luckiest of all.”

Here, in straight-talking chapters filled with personal stories, Laura addresses issues such as facing facts, the question of AA, and other people’s drinking. Without sugarcoating the struggles of sobriety, she relentlessly emphasizes the many blessings of an honest life, one without secrets and debilitating shame.

What are people saying?

“Heartbreakingly candid and brave, Laura McKowen takes us on an unflinching journey of what it means to get sober. We are the Luckiest explores what it means to reclaim one’s life—and more. An unforgettable, soulful read.”
Ann Dowsett Johnston
Bestselling author of Drink
"Laura speaks to that place within us where what breaks our hear becomes our highest learning and our most invaluable frequency."
Elena Brower
Bestselling author of Practice You
“Laura McKowen is a phenomenal, stunning writer and this book is a gift for everyone.”
Elissa Altman
Bestselling author of Motherland
“Vulnerability sounds great in theory and is hard as hell in practice. Laura McKowen writes with grace and wisdom—but also with huge vulnerability. By telling her story with raw, unflinching honesty, McKowen invites us to look at our own stories with new compassion.”
Claire Dederer
New York Times bestselling author of Poser & Love and Trouble

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