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SXSW with Laura McKowen, Jason Isbell, Wes Hurt and Jan Rader

In March, 2022, Laura led a conversation on addiction at South by Southwest in Austin with Jason Isbell, Wes Hurt, and Jan Rader. Watch the full session!

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Push Off from Here: Quitting Social Media (Again)

I've had an epic battle with social media for years. Recently, I left it for good, but then found myself back on. Here's what I learned.

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We are in a process. Let the discomfort work on you.

The collective process right now, when compared to the expanse of human history, has probably happened before. I’m no history scholar, but the literature and teachers tell me we have been here. The specifics are different, but symbolically the story is not new: we are in a burning, spiritually speaking.

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On The Surface of Everything

This time has me sitting as close to center the of my sobriety as I did in the earliest days. I think about it when I wake up, when I make coffee, when I sit on my couch and look at the sun coming up, or the sun-having-already-come-up since my wake up seems to be getting later and later.

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What's The Deal with "Sober Curious"?

It’s great more people are talking about this because, frankly, alcohol is stupid. It was time for a change in the dominant paradigm of how we talk about sobriety. But not drinking and a cool IG feed isn’t a light switch to a better life—it takes a hell of a lot more than that.

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Social Media Sobriety and Doing The Deeper Work

I don’t like what’s happening with women online right now, particularly in recovery, spiritual, and so-called feminist circles. It appears there is a growing contingent of people who I would assert even six months ago had no awareness of the word privilege, and now feel compelled to call out other women on theirs at every turn.

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The Truth About Alcohol and Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America, and women are impacted more than men. At the same time, women are drinking more than ever before. The myth that alcohol helps reduce anxiety and stress is a myth, and one we are paying for mightily.

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The Shame Cave

I remember so looking forward to drinking again once I had her. I missed the release, the inclusion, the socializing, the softening. Almost immediately after she was born I went back to it, joining in at parties with my husband and baby in tow, having my girlfriends over or going to their house for wine like we had been doing for years. One time, just a couple weeks after she was born, I walked in a snowstorm to my friend’s place a few blocks away, just to try and feel like my “old” self for a few minutes. I barely drank one glass of wine before I felt so ill I had to trek home. I had mastitis.

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