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Push Off from Here: Quitting Social Media (Again)

I've had an epic battle with social media for years. Recently, I left it for good, but then found myself back on. Here's what I learned.

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Quitting The Bouncy House of Social Media

It’s been years and years of receiving the same message now, and I know enough to know I have to listen.

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Not So Different from Drinking: Technology Addiction and Why I'm Adopting Digital Minimalism

I thought it was about social media. But it was about all of it. It was about being on, all the time. Being connected, and open to connections, and available, and expected to respond and expecting to get a response, and creating thousands upon thousands of tiny slivers of interactions to “connect” and “be productive” simply because I could...

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Social Media Sobriety and Doing The Deeper Work

I don’t like what’s happening with women online right now, particularly in recovery, spiritual, and so-called feminist circles. It appears there is a growing contingent of people who I would assert even six months ago had no awareness of the word privilege, and now feel compelled to call out other women on theirs at every turn.

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