If you’ve never used oils before, these are my top 10 doTERRA oils and how I use them:

Single Oils

Lavender - I use this in my diffuser daily, in my baths, and I add it to my lotion. I combine it with a few drops of peppermint oil in the diffuser often. I find it calming, nourishing, and balancing. My daughter loves it too; I put it on her feet and chest before bed with some coconut oil. In recovery, using Lavender when I got home from work and as a nightly ritual before bed really helped me create a feeling of ease.

Bergamot - This is my favorite citrus mood lifting and grounding oil. I diffuse it often when I’m working, add a few drops to my hands and inhale it when I need an instant mood lift, and I wear it in my oil necklace many days. It also helps with headaches, which I get often and predictably based on my cycle.

Peppermint - Relatively inexpensive and all around wonderful oil to have. I blend it with a couple drops of lavender oil in the diffuser for a relaxing spa-like. I apply it to my shoulders, neck and temples for a quick wake up boost, or after yoga, or inhale a few drops when I’m feeling the afternoon lulls. It is not safe for children undiluted. 

Wild Orange - Relatively inexpensive and universally up-lifting. I add it to water, use it in spray mist bottles to freshen a room or bathroom, apply to my skin or breathe in to clear my mood. My daughter loves it (most kids do). I also love to blend it in a diffuser with Bergamot or OnGuard for a nice invigorating, mood-lifting smell.


Balance - This is perhaps my favorite of all the doTERRA blends. It is subtle, but powerful. I diffuse it anytime, but particularly love it in the evenings. I drop it into fractioned coconut oil or lotion and apply it to my feet (and my daughter’s) and sometimes put it on my chest. It is wonderfully balancing after a yoga practice - I often use it when making adjustments to students in savasana.

OnGuard - This blend is just so powerful. It is an alternative for immune support and an amazing non-toxic cleaner. It also smells incredible. I diffuse it (1-2 drops is all that’s needed - it is strong), rub a diluted amount on my spine, and my daughter’s, when we fly, and spray it in a water bottle sprayer throughout the house regularly. The OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate is my absolute favorite for my home. 

Breathe - I diffuse this when I practice yoga - gets me breathing and awake. I apply it to my chest to promote breathing (and I LOVE the way it smells), and I apply a small diluted amount to my daughter’s chest when she has a cold. I also diffuse it in the evenings in the winter as it gets very dry in my home, or when someone has a cold or cough. I really love to diffuse it while I sleep.

Serenity - This blend is pure heaven. It has a lot of scents most of us associate with a pleasant feeling: lavender, vanilla, sandalwood. I diffuse it and apply it to my feet before sleep. The soft gels are also a wonderful natural sleep aid.

Forgive - This blend has a woodsy smell, and I find it incredibly grounding, particularly in the fall and winter months. I diffuse it when I practice yoga and in my room when I meditate or am reading or writing. I also love adding a few drops to my bath.

DigestZen - I was skeptical of an oil that would help settle a bad stomach, but this WORKS. I use it frequently after a meal, even if my stomach is not upset, and I also use it for my daughters a “tummy tamer.” I like to apply the oil directly to my skin (diluted for my daughter) but you can also take it orally in a soft gel or add to water. I like the smell, though, which is why I apply it to my skin.