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Week 1: Faith

Faith will be the foundation of our work. We will explore what it means to have faith, to believe in ourselves and a benevolent universe - specifically as it relates to your Bigger Yes.

Week 2: Truth

To move forward, we must understand where we are. This week will focus on clarifying our core truths: about our lives as they are today, our circumstances, and where we want to go.

Week 3: Clarity

Building from your truth, this week we find clarity around your desires; including defining your Bigger Yes and all that it means in your life.

Week 4: Alignment

Orienting toward a different destination requires shifts, both big and small. In this module, we will discuss what it means to align to our truth, how it actually looks in real life, and how we remain resilient through the journey.

Week 5: Devotion

Bringing our Bigger Yes to life requires a dance with the Divine. A dance of surrender, patience, effort, and - I believe - devotion. In the closing week, we will talk about devotion as a practice, a labor of love, and an offering.

Week 6: Integration

In our final week together, we will come full circle and integrate the lessons and experiences of the course.