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The rise of the sober curious: having it all, without alcohol

“For me, sobriety was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through and still is,” says McKowen. She can’t help but feel skeptical of influencer accounts that make quitting alcohol “seem like an Instagram filter”.


In ‘A Star Is Born,’ Ally stayed with Jack. But with addicts, that’s not always the answer.

“The only thing more hellish than being addicted is loving someone who is addicted.”


that 'wine o'clock' sh*t is cute and all, but it hurts real people

"We're all addicted to something, we just happen to be particularly deluded about alcohol.”


am i an alcoholic?

"The normal question is, 'Is this bad enough for me to have to change? The question we should be asking is, 'Is this good enough for me to stay the same?' And the real question underneath it all is, 'Am I free?'."


‘Moms Love Wine’ Culture Is Ruining Lives, Says North Shore Mother

“I think it’s a ship that’s going to take a long time to turn, but I think it happens one conversation at a time,” she said.


Why Alcohol Abuse is on The Rise Among Mothers

“It’s almost this feminist thing, like ‘F - - k your role’ — like it’s a little rebellious,” she says. “But it’s a joke that’s not funny.”


Wine and Pot Playdates Are Becoming the Norm for Millennial Moms

"It was definitely a thing that was prized in mommy culture, to drink, and to drink because you were a mom, because you had kids. You needed this."


Binge drinking, risks common far beyond frat houses and the young

"Maybe, just maybe, we’ve all been duped. Maybe, our beloved booze is as good times and benign as we thought smoking was back when it was promoted by doctors and splayed all over ads with taglines like 'Be happy, go Lucky!'"


How Reaching the End of a Tube of Chapstick Made Me Realize I Have Finally Grown Up

"The reason I never reached the end of a Chapstick signifies a theme I lived with – and even sort of accepted – for most of my life, certainly all of my drinking life: chaos."


Alcohol Consumption Among Women Is On the Rise

“Moms carry so much shame around drinking,” Laura says. “A lot of women come to me and say people in their life don’t think they have a problem because it doesn’t show. And yet they are wrecked inside.”




The dangers of ‘mommy burnout’: Moms open up about alcohol abuse and getting sober

From raising children to work stress, many moms deal with “mommy burnout” by drinking. Two mothers, who are now more than four years sober, open up on Megyn Kelly TODAY about how a few glasses of wine evolved into binge drinking, mental health issues and even driving while intoxicated. 


'Moms love wine' culture is ruining lives, says north shore mother

"It was definitely a thing that was prized in mommy culture. To drink and to drink because you were a mom; because you had kids. You needed this," Laura Mckowen told WBZ-TV.

Podcast & Video Interviews


The Unruffled Podcast

Episode 119: Guest Co-host, Laura McKowen

Host, Tammi Salas, spends some time talking to Laura about creating online courses and charging what you’re worth, how Laura tackled the process of writing her forthcoming book, the nitty gritty about recent panic attacks, and so much more.


The Art of Growth

The Anxiety of Joy with Laura McKowen

Jim Zartman and Laura McKowen discuss the anxious voice that interrupts our best moments; often robbing us of joy.

An Excellent Example of Being Human with Tory Dube

An Excellent Example of Being Human with Tory Dube & Friends

We Are The Luckiest With Laura McKowen

Even if alcohol is not an area you struggle with, you will benefit immensely from this conversation. From great book recommendations, to powerful quotes, to moving poems, everyone will get something out of Laura’s insights and well-earned wisdom. “Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I'm not living.” This episode will encourage you to continue to seek out your best life.


We Thrive TV by Mothering & Daughtering with Sil Reynolds

Field Notes on sober motherhood with laura mckowen

In this video interview with Sil Reynolds, Laura gets real about shame, guilt, love, resiliency, and saying yes, one day at a time — especially when we’re in the thick of it with a preteen or teen.


This Naked Mind with Annie Grace

Allowing with laura mckowen

"Laura McKowen somewhat reluctantly overcame what she describes as a “life-threatening drinking problem”. Laura very candidly and honestly shares her story with Annie and how she came to a place where she recognized that her life’s purpose is to help others by teaching, writing, and speaking about her journey."

sobriety starts here.JPG

Sobriety Starts Here with Sarah Roberts 

The Bigger Yes & Laura's Story


The Unruffled Podcast  with Sondra Primeaux and Tammi Salas 

Episode 44: Laura McKowen on Big Yeses and Giant Leaps


Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. With Tiffany Han.

Episode 168: Laura McKowen on Finding Your Bigger Yes

What to do if you aren't sure what your bigger yes is, what we can all learn from those pesky truths that won't leave us alone, and how to know if you should power through on something that isn't quite working or when it's time to quit!



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