Ep. 67: Getting Pissed Off at God (The One About Wanting More)


This week we talk about wanting more. Even when we have a lot! EVEN WHEN WE SEEMINGLY HAVE IT ALL. We talk about finally putting your foot down and no longer settling for smallness or "good enough". When it comes to Laura and romantic relationships, Meadow coaches her on how to actually get what she wants (no vision boards, no magical thinking, no positive affirmations!). Whether it's money, work, love, friendships, your health, ANYTHING, you're allowed to want more.

We talked about

  • Meadow former love for FRITOS®, going spinning at the cycle bar, and playing Fortnite badly

  • Laura being away last week and the conversation she had that triggered this week’s topic

  • the hardships of raising a child as a single parent (especially while dating)

  • thoughts of neediness and weakness in relationships and where too many single women go wrong

  • everyone having some area in their life where they’re settling

  • money and relationships switching places in Laura’s life

  • getting stuck in magical thinking and what to do to get out of it

  • Meadow’s relationship breakthrough in the summer of 2016 and hesitation to ask for help early on

  • smart-phones actually making our world smaller overall and not getting the full body language of others online

  • Meadow writing her story backwards for her relationship and for after Isabelle’s graduation

  • the fear people seeking relationships have if they become fully and authentically themselves

  • what Meadow sought, needed, and wouldn’t settle less for in her relationship

  • Laura creating her relationship story backwards, live and in living color

  • “this or something better” and more!


“There is a line in the sand that you just have to draw sometimes and go, ‘No, not even close to what I was asking for. God, Universe, stars, heaven, whatever you want to say--not good enough. Do better.’”

“The relationship thing to me now feels like money felt to me five years ago. It feels too big and just confusing.”

“My mantra used to be, ‘I cannot be a liability. I have to be only an asset.’ That was, like, my religion.”

Ask yourself

  • What do you want (and when do you want it)? Start with the endpoint in mind, then work your way backwards.

  • What’s one step before the endpoint? What do you do, wear, etc.?

  • What were you doing or thinking the day before the endpoint arrives? How about a month before?


The Worthy Project” program

Single Parents  tv show

Rob Bell’s “The Robcast” Another Anatomy of Restlessness episode

This Is How book by Augusten Burroughs

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