Ep. 73: How Laura Creates


This week, Meadow interviews Laura on her creative process. How does she decide what to work on? What would she do if she didn't have to make money? How does she know what needs to be a book, or a course, or a talk, or nothing at all? Is there a muse, or is it more practical? If you're someone who's curious about creativity, this is for you.

We talked about

  • Meadow vacationing and enjoying this last summer with Isabelle

  • Halloween flags in July, Adam Sandler movie filming near Laura’s house, and her book reading update

  • feeling a creative void with her last job and different forms of creation (including some people don’t think of as such)

  • writing a book not feeling the same as other creative ideas and check-in at Colorado on Meadow’s mind last night

  • Laura wanting to live in the emotional state of her novel and how she knows it’s time to create something new

  • the impetus that propels her to want to write and the phrase that’s on her mind all the time lately

  • how the “The Bigger Yes” course was birthed and making sense of the world through words

  • something that felt like too much to her and needed breaking down

  • her serving as inspiration and Meadow serving as teacher in our respective coaching practices

  • Laura laboring over every single word of her book...until the last chapter

  • keeping the creativity channel open for new ideas and how we both do that

  • the false archetype of the creative person who can’t properly function.


“I think that’s one of the things that keeps people from calling themselves creative or thinking that they could create is because it seems like it has to be some big thing, and it’s actually very small. We create stuff every day.”

“Writing a book is like adopting a baby and having to raise it for a long time.”

“This is how I’ve always made sense of the world is through words.”

Ask yourself

  • Are you noticing where the world is supporting your needs or intentions or brings about meaningful coincidences (otherwise known as synchronicities) in your life?


Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

Laura’s “The Bigger Yes” and “We Are the Luckiest” courses

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Meadow’s The Art of Wayfinding book (available for pre-order)

Rob Bell’sEverything Is Spiritual tour

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