Truth Lectures (Two Parts)

Part 1 


Part 2 (watch part 1 first!)

Thoughts On Truth

What You Are

How many hearts
have you called
your home;

how many lives
have you pretended
to want;

how many ways
have you denounced
your self

in the name of
and good
and inherited ideas about love?

Now you arrive,
no more lost than found
and you could see, could rest
in the news

that you can only
ever be
what you are.

What you didn’t know,
what slipped away
from you

what you never dared
to believe

is the magnificence;
the perfect fingerprint
of design
written inside your heart.

You can only
ever be
what you are

And what you are
is the truth you must give away.

-Laura McKowen


Truth Playlist


  1. Continue your Morning Pages and morning prayer/mantra daily practice.

  2. Watch or listen to Part 1 of the lecture.

  3. Complete the Part 1 worksheet.

  4. Give yourself at least one day in between Part 1 and Part 2!

  5. Watch or listen to Part 2 of the lecture.

  6. Complete the Part 2 worksheet.

  7. Share any part of your process with us on the forum!


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