We Are The Luckiest :: Curriculum

8 weeks, 7 topics

Week 1


establishing your baseline

Identifying and establishing basic grounding practices necessary for safety and growth. We will:

  • discuss trauma: what it is, what it isn't, and how it affects our ability to process and heal;

  • identify your non-negotiables for overall health;

  • work with fear to understand its gift and how to use it.

Week 2


developing dignity and honor

Understanding the core issues that block our dignity, self-esteem, and right to feel. We will:

  • explore sexuality, emotional capacity, and range - examining the impact of deficient and/or excessive energy in this area;

  • work with guilt and shame to understand their gifts and to use them.

BONUS CLASS: Sugar: The Solution, Not the Problem with Ali Shapiro

  • The root causes of sugar cravings

  • Easy foods to add into your diet to prevent sugar cravings (including after meals)

Week 3


personal power and boundaries

Examining the issue of personal power: what it is, how we get it, how we use it, and why it is critical. We will:

  • explore personal boundaries: how they work and why they're critical in the development of your self-esteem;

  • work with anger to understand its gift and how to use it.

BONUS CLASS: Boundaries 101 with Meadow DeVor.

Week 4


the language of the heart

Opening our capacity to love and be loved. We will:

  • cultivate self-compassion and compassion for others;

  • work with sadness and grief to understand their gifts and how to use them.

Week 5


speaking and hearing the truth

The ability to speak and to hear the truth is one of the most vital determinants of our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We will:

  • examine the principles of truth;

  • utilize the yoga of speech as a tool for defining what needs to be communicated and when;

  • learn scripts for speaking your truth in difficult situations;

  • explore methods of self-expression.

Week 6


the essence of clarity and wisdom

Your ability to see things through a lens of clarity, trust your own wisdom, and manifest your visions will determine how high you can soar in sobriety. We will:

  • cultivate your capacity to dream big;

  • explore methods for stoking creativity and abundance;

  • create a vision of what's possible for you.

BONUS CLASS: Hacking Your Way to Incredible Sleep with Freddy Kimmel.


Week 7


cultivating your connection to spirit

Merging with divine consciousness and realizing our true nature. We will:

  • explore disconnecting from illusions and attachments (the primary causes of suffering);

  • establish daily practices to consciously contact and connect with our true essence;

  • create a final expression of our beliefs in divine spirit.