How to prepare for this course: 

a message from Laura on how to pace yourself for this work

1. get your school supplies!

  • Books: Although the reading is not required, if you're so inclined I've suggested some excellent books (over there to the right) to provide additional context and support.

  • Journal: One of the most effective ways to document a process is through journaling. Putting pen to paper (even if your work is 90% doodles!) connects the process to your subconscious in a different and dynamic way. Buy a new journal for this course. My favorites are listed in the right column.

  • Insight Timer App: If you already have a meditation practice, great! If you're a newbie, even better. Insight Timer is a free app that has thousands of amazing guided meditations. Each week, I'll be suggesting a short meditation you can practice daily to support your work.

2. Join the private forum.

First, no Facebook, HOORAY! The private forum is a core part of the experience of this class so I strongly suggest that you join. There, you will have the opportunity to interact with me and each other, and share your homework, thoughts, and questions throughout the course. It's very user-friendly and intuitive to use, but if you have questions please email us.

You will be approved within 24 hours.

3. put the weekly calls in your calendar.

The schedule is below. Please note there are four additional calls offered outside of the regular live class time (Mondays from 12-1 pm ET). These calls will be less formal and primarily be a time for you to share your experience and ask questions.