Thoughts on truth

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
— John 8:32

This week, we transition into Truth. This area of our body, the throat, is where the body connects to the mind. We move up from the more gross energetic fields of the body to the ethereal ones like our mind and intuition. This space is where we express what we feel and experience in the lower parts of our body: emotions, sensations, information about our environment. If we are blocked here, there is no relay system between our body and mind--they are actually disconnected and therefore we become disconnected. We cannot access the higher self. We cannot speak what we know. We cannot translate knowledge into feeling or action and therefore we cannot manifest.

I want you to think of truth as a neutral, universal thing. The Truth has a frequency and I believe that frequency is the same as Love. We can set ourselves up to resonate with that frequency and when we do, we are able to live in integrity and alignment. When we live lives that are too noisy and busy, when we don't get silent enough to hear our own voice, we aren't able to hear or resonate with the truth. We become lost; a person run by the mind, a series of reactions. Tuning into Truth allows us to align with something bigger, to have space in our thoughts, to identify with them less and make room for other, wiser voices to be heard.

This week is a tuning process. We are going to quiet our environment and set ourselves up for as much space as possible to be quiet and listen through simple practices. And we are going to practice tuning our frequency through using our instrument (voice) in a specific way.

The following is from my essay, The Truth About Lying.

"What you’ll find—what I’ve found—is that the truth is ultimately life-affirming. Even when it’s ugly and inconvenient and has the potential to dismantle your life. It feels like relief and freedom, I believe (and this is my pseudo-scientific woo-woo explanation) because the energy of truth is in integrity with the energy of the Divine. Not in a “this is good and now you're not bad” way but in a “this is real and therefore you can stand on it” way. The truth has a soft-click sound. It is a release valve. The truth is uncomfortable but expansive; lying is uncomfortable and confining. You know the difference when you feel it."

I hope you have a beautiful week exploring this.


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Daily Practices

Morning Pages

Write for 10 minutes or one full page of free-hand writing (NOT typing) first thing in the morning (I do it with my first cup of coffee), no agenda, no worrying about punctuation or grammar, just a mind dump. If you don’t know what to write, write I don’t know what to write until something comes. This is an every day practice.

WATCH: Julia Cameron on Morning Pages



Mindful Listening Meditation (5 min.) by Manjo Dias



The mantra for this week is:  The truth brings me closer to love.

  • Write it down in your journal each morning before you begin morning pages.
  • Put it as a reminder into your phone to show up at noon each day.
  • When fear comes up, repeat it out loud or in your mind.



1. turn down the noise (AKA: social media/media break).

For one full week (7 days):

  • Go off all social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, all of it. Remove the apps from your phone and logout on your browsers so you don't pop in out of habit. 
  • Keep web browsing time to a minimum.
  • No screens in the first 30 and last 30 minutes of the day. Put electronics outside of your bedroom while you sleep.
  • Extra credit: no television or shows.


2. Listen.

Morning meditation and morning pages, every day.


3. use your voice.

Get in a place where you can sing along/chant these songs without worrying about other people hearing (if you care about that) and where you can really let go. Sit in a comfortable position, spine straight, arms resting on your thighs. Eyes can be open or closed. Feel free to move your body--let the music move through you. You can do both songs in one sitting or at separate times. Do as many times as you wish this week, but at least once each.

  • Sita Ram by Krishna Das (7:26) 
    Meaning: Sita Ram, as a mantra, evokes Rama as Truth, the Soul and virtue; and Sita as primal energy (kundalini shakti). Rama symbolizes the inner fervor in the manipura (solar plexus) chakra that purifies the body and spirit. Sita symbolizes the energy of the muladhara (root) chakra that provides grounding and calms the mind. Both sides of the brain are balanced through the practice of reciting the Sita Ram mantra. It is also believed to improve health by removing impurities from the body and mind, and to encourage self-awareness.
  • (Bliss) I am The Light of My Soul by Sirgun Kaur & Sat Darsham Singh (8:11)
    This is one of my favorite songs to sing to. The chorus comes from a Yogi Bahjan mantra: 
    I am the light of my soul. I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am bliss. I am, I am.



All week, you are going to engage in a very simple (but not easy) inquiry. 

  • Is this true? Was that true?

You are looking at this inquiry in two places: your thoughts and your speech. When you are caught in a thought loop, or find yourself thinking something, ask yourself "Is this true?" Simply notice. Notice if your mind wants the thought to be true, if you can tell whether it's true or not, and what feelings come up if you question its truth. Similarly, when you're in conversation ask yourself, "Is what I am about to say true?" or "Is what I just said true?" Just notice. Witness.

Things you can look at: When did you lie? Why? What did it feel like in the moment and afterwards? Does this feel like a pattern with this person or topic? Also, what thoughts seem to come up most frequently? Are they true? If not, what is more true than the thought(s)? For example: "I have no money." Is this true? No, I have money. What is more true? "I don't have as much money as I need to pay my bills this week," or "I have money, but I don't want to spend it on fixing my car."

Report back on your findings in the forum.