Hi! This page is a collection of resources about my experience with doTERRA essential oils, why I use them, frequently asked questions, and how you can get some of your own.

I started hearing essential oils years ago in yoga classes and such. I knew they smelled good, but had no idea what they actually were. Then, a couple years ago, one of my co-workers brought a bottle of Lavender to work one day. I was in early sobriety then and on edge all the time, but particularly that day. She put a couple drops in my hand and had me take a few breaths of it. I went back to my office, nothing earth shattering happened, but I did notice that the oil brought me right into my body in that moment. It took the edge off. 

After that, I started to get really curious and eventually started talking to my friend Elena Brower about doTERRA. Since then, I've been casually exploring the oils, learning more about the science behind them, and eventually I started to share them with others naturally. In early recovery, they were a huge help in creating ritual, regulating my nervous system, and easing a touchy stomach and insomnia. I now in all my yoga classes and retreats and am continually finding new ways to bring them into my home and life. My daughter also loves them. 

The information below answers the basic questions I had in the beginning. If there's something specific you'd like to know after you read through the below, email me personally at admin@lauramckowen.com




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