The Big Five Pitfalls to Happiness in Sobriety

The big five pitfalls to happiness in sobriety webinar laura mckowen

NEW on-demand class!

From working with thousands of people and having gone through the ropes myself, I've identified the specific patterns and mistakes that keep people stuck and stop them from thriving in sobriety. In this on-demand class, I dish all the dirt!

  • Type of course: online, on-demand

  • Length: 1 hour, 22 mins

  • Price: $12

The Practice: 40 Days of Alchemy


40 days of alchemy for your creativity and your life. Through simple, but profound tools, you will experience huge shifts in the understanding and expression of your life.

  • Type: Online, Instructor-led

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • Tuition: $779

The Bigger Yes

My flagship course dedicated to identifying and creating what’s possible in your life.

  • Type of course: online, instructor led (not self-guided)

  • Length: 7 weeks

  • Tuition: $597

We Are The Luckiest

An intensive online course to deepen your stability, resilience, and joy in sobriety.

  • Type of course: online, instructor led (not self-guided)

  • Length: 8 weeks

  • Tuition: $697

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