The next Bigger Yes will begin in January, 2019.
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You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage—pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically, to say “no” to other things. And the way you do that is by having a bigger “yes” burning inside.
— Stephen Covey

What do you really, really, really want?

The Bigger Yes is a program designed to claim, honor, and devote yourself to your soul's deepest callings.

Over the course of six weeks together, we will clarify your Bigger Yes (there may be many), explore your truth, align your focus, stoke your faith and courage, and develop a practice of devotion.

This program is for anyone who wishes to live in deeper alignment to their center - to the place that is, as I call it, the "diamond in the center of your chest" - but may lack the necessary clarity, guidance, and support to honor that desire. 

I created this course because I believe it is not only a joy and a privilege, but also a deep responsibility to live into our potential.

You should take this course if...

  • you desire a deeper sense of purpose in your life

  • you dream about spending your days in a more connected, meaningful way

  • you need clarity around a big life decision or relationship

  • you know you're not living into your potential, but don't know how to get from "here" to "there"

  • you're tired of feeling depleted, disconnected, and alone

  • you need to stoke your creativity and belief in possibility

  • you want to create or deepen your spiritual practice

  • you yearn to connect with and learn from people who are living their lives bravely and boldly - those who have truly "walked the talk"


6 weeks, 5 topics


week one


Faith will be the foundation of our work. We will explore what it means to have faith, to believe in ourselves and a benevolent universe - specifically as it relates to your Bigger Yes.

week TWO


To move forward, we must understand where we are. This week will focus on clarifying our core truths: about our lives as they are today, our circumstances, and where we want to go.

week THREE


Building from your truth, this week we find clarity around your desires; including defining your Bigger Yes and all that it means in your life.

week FOUR


Orienting toward a different destination requires shifts, both big and small. In this module, we will discuss what it means to align to our truth, how it actually looks in real life, and how we remain resilient through the journey.

week five


Bringing our Bigger Yes to life requires a dance with the Divine. A dance of surrender, patience, effort, and - I believe - devotion. In the closing week, we will talk about devotion as a practice, a labor of love, and an offering.

In our final week together, we will come full circle and beautifully integrate the lessons and experiences of the entire course.

week six




you will receive...




a special essay from me on each week's topic.

a recorded lecture on each week's topic.

a weekly live Zoom meeting for topic discussion & questions.

a weekly assignment to explore the work.

access to our private Facebook group & support from Laura.

support from a team of course graduates, aka Mentors.

real, honest sharing about my own journey to a Bigger Yes.

"This course taught me more about myself than my $100,000 masters level education ever could."

—Fall 2017 Student

“The program was amazing and it exceeded my expectations because Laura was so invested. She put her heart and soul into teaching and as a student, you could feel it.

— Fall 2017 Student

“I had been questioning my life’s work and purpose for a couple of years, and this course gently guided me to remember who I am at my core, what I am here to do, and that it is enough. It was a lovely experience."

— Fall 2017 Student

"The Bigger Yes helped me dig deeper and get out of that part of my brain that keeps me stuck, to look beyond my own outdated messages of what I’m ‘supposed’ to do and who I’m ‘supposed’ to be."

— Winter 2018 Student


"The Bigger Yes was one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. The course pushed me to reconnect
with my true nature and helped me see what is most important to me right now, while allowing me
to dream big and move toward the bigger picture as well."

— Winter 2018 Student

“I loved it. It changed my life."

— Fall 2017 Student


Q. when will the weekly live classes be held?

A. When you register, you will be asked to select your top choice(s) for class day and time . Laura will select the day and time that works best for the majority.

Q. what if i can't make the live classes/calls?

A. No worries, all classes and calls are recorded and posted right after they occur. You have access to the recorded classes/calls for one year.

Q. why is there a gap between registration and the START DATE OF THE program?

A. Because Laura wants to give the class time to prepare: to read (there is a reading list you'll receive upon registering), create a process journal, and the like.

Q. what will I get when i register?

A. You'll get immediate access to the members page, which includes a welcome video from Laura, information on how to prepare for the course, a reading & supplies list, and access to the exclusive Facebook group. The week before the course begins, you will receive additional emails to prepare you for the course.

Q. what is the cost of the course?

A. Course registration is $555.

Q. do you offer payment plans and/or scholarships?

A. There are two payment options: pay in full ($555) upon registration or pay in two installments of $280 (total $560).

Q. how many people will be in the program?

A. The class will be limited to a small enough group that Laura can connect with and support everyone in the course.

Q. Will I get 1x1 time with Laura?

A. There will be plenty of time for Q&A with Laura on the weekly Zoom meeting and she will also be active on the Facebook group to answer questions directly.

Q. how long will i have access to the program content?

A. One year. 

Q. what if i don't have a 'bigger yes' - will this still be beneficial?

A. Everyone has a Bigger Yes inside them. This course will guide you to locate, honor, and align yourself to it.

Q. is this for people in recovery?

A. It is for anyone. The program is not about recovery per se, but as that's a big part of Laura's story, she will discuss it when relevant.

Q. is this for women only?

A. Nope! Men, women, everyone!

Q. will this be offered again?

A. Probably, but not definitely. 

the next bigger yes will begin in january, 2019.

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