About Laura

A brief history.


Hey, there. I'm Laura.

This website was born in 2009 (under the name I Fly at Night) while I was pregnant with my daughter. I posted only a handful of times over the first few years. Mostly, it collected dust while I dreamt, imagined, and talked (oh, the talking!) about one day actually writing.

Fast forward to 2012, when I faced a failed marriage, single motherhood, a mountain of debt, and one very large, life-threatening drinking problem. It was then I started writing here in earnest, chronicling my struggle with addiction and reluctant journey to sobriety. 

In 2016, at two years sober, I quit my fancy 15-year corporate career in advertising to write, teach, speak, and [insert unknown]. I have come to believe it is not only a privilege but a deep responsibility to live into our potential. This idea is the foundation of my flagship program, The Bigger Yes, a six-week course I created to locate, claim and devote yourself to your deepest callings. 

From 2015 to January, 2018, I co-hosted HOME Podcast. In 2018, I started a new show called Spiritualish, alongside Meadow DeVor.  

My work has been published in Elephant Journal, The New York Post, Scary Mommy, and The Huffington Post and more. I've been featured on Megyn Kelly TODAY and speak regularly about women, drinking, addiction and motherhood. My first book, We Are The Luckiest, will be published in early 2020 by New World Library. I live on the north shore of Boston with my daughter and my two cats.

And a little more.

In July 2013, I hit what one might call a rock bottom. I’d say a more accurate description is that I hit the beginning of the end of a long drinking career.

Alcohol had been a beloved, loyal companion for twenty years and I was not ready for a break-up. I had a big girl job in Boston, a beautiful young daughter, a jamming social life. I ran marathons, taught yoga, earned an MBA from the top entrepreneurial college in the country, and managed stupidly large budgets for Fortune 50 companies. I was newly single, having separated from my husband a year prior, and I had things to do. I had a whole, big, exciting life stretched out on paper. But my insides were absolute dust.

And so began my reluctant journey toward sobriety. What happened in the summer of 2013 could have been considered a rock bottom, except that typically signifies the lowest point and the elevator didn’t stop dropping there. In 2014, over a year later, I was still struggling hard. Really hard. Desperate to make my way through the in/out, yes/no, sober/drinking purgatory cycle I was in, I created a new Instagram account and started posting little beits of truth there. Just a few words at first. Then more. Each time I spoke a piece of my story something miraculous happened: I got lighter.

Bit by bit. Breath by breath. 

I then began really writing here with the same intent: to be honest and hold nothing back. Through those words, I connected with you. You told me you still wanted me around. You said, "me, too" and "please keep going" and "thank you" and somewhere along the way I realized I was saving my life. 

My mission is to show up and stand out in the light even when I'm afraid, which is most days; to write a few true things down and share them with you; to be a beginner again and again.

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