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Push Off From Here: Nine Essential Truths to Get You Through Sobriety (and Everything Else) - March, 2023

A modern exploration of addiction that offers nine foundational building blocks every person at any stage of sobriety can use.

Coming March 7, 2023. Preorder now.

Laura is the bestselling author of We Are The Luckiest and the founder of The Luckiest Club.

"I wish I had it when I first got sober, but I'm glad I have it now."
Anne Lamott
New York Times bestselling author
"Push Off From Here is a masterpiece, and everyone attempting any kind of change absolutely needs it. What’s the saying? The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off. That’s this book."
Holly Whitaker
New York Times bestselling author of Quit Like a Woman


Coming March, 2023. Pre-order now!

When Laura McKowen was two years sober, she received an email from a woman whose sister was struggling with alcohol addiction. Laura had barely climbed out from the dark place the woman's sister was in, but she made a list of things that she felt would’ve been the most important to hear when she was in the deep end of her own battle:

1. It is not your fault.

2. It is your responsibility.

3. It is unfair that this is your thing.

4. This is your thing.

5. This will never stop being your thing until you face it.

6. You cannot do it alone.

7. Only you can do it.

8. You are loved.

9. We will never stop reminding you of these things.

In Push Off from Here, Laura delves deeply into each of her nine points: what they are, how they work, and how every person will be able to use them, no matter at what stage of sobriety. She addresses topics such as the correlation between trauma and addiction, the importance of radical honesty, letting go of the illusion of control, the value of community, a reminder that healing is a continual process, and that the process is a gift.The stories and advice Laura shares are specific to alcohol addiction, but the tenets are universal in their application, providing readers with a modern, actionable framework for healing what pains us and proving that a life of sobriety can be synonymous with a life of honesty, magic, joy, and peace.

What are people saying?

"Countless lives will be changed by Laura's grounded, compassionate truth. No matter where you are on the path, wrap Laura's words around you and push off from precisely where you are."
Elena Brower
bestselling author, teacher
"In these expertly written pages, she unravels the myth that “we can have it all” (thank goodness) and fortifies us with a path to our own inner wisdom. Whether letting go of an addiction, healing a broken heart, or looking for a new direction in life, the answers are for you here."
Kelly McDaniel
LPC, and author of Mother Hunger and Ready to Heal

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